本文摘要:London—The European Commission is said to be planning to charge Google with using its dominant position in online search to favor the company’s own services over others, in what would be one of the biggest antitrust cases here since regulators went after Microsoft.伦敦——据信,欧盟委员会(European Commission)计划就谷歌(Google)利用它在网络搜寻方面的主导地位,指责谷歌自身服务的作法驳回诉讼。


The investigation against Google has already dragged on for nearly five years at the European Commission without formal charges or a negotiated settlement. That has prompted criticism that the region’s most important antitrust enforcer has been too easy on Google.欧盟委员会对谷歌的调查早已持续宽约将近5年,至今没月控告,也没达成协议妥协。有人因此谴责这个欧洲地区最重要的反垄断执法人员机构对谷歌过分客气。Europe’s main focus of investigation is whether Google has abused its search engine’s large market share by favoring its own products. The search engine is more dominant in Europe than in the United States, where competitors like Microsoft’s Bing have a sizable market share.欧洲的调查主要注目谷歌否欺诈其搜索引擎的极大市场份额,让自己的产品取得优势。谷歌搜索引擎在欧洲的统治者地位要低过在美国,后者还不存在微软公司的合于(Bing)等竞争对手,占有了非常一部分市场。

Ms. Vestager, a Danish politician who took over as the European Union’s top antitrust official in November, is scheduled to travel to Washington later this week, where she is expected to meet senior justice officials and participate in antitrust conferences.11月接替欧盟最低反垄断官员的丹麦政治人物韦斯塔格尔计划在本周晚些时候前往华盛顿,她在那里应当会见一些高级司法官员,并参与反垄断会议。More than two dozen companies and organizations have filed antitrust complaints in Europe against Google. Many are in Germany, where powerful publishing groups and online firms have called on the European regulator to stop the American search giant from blocking competition in sectors like online mapping, travel services and shopping.在欧洲早已有数十家公司和机构滋扰谷歌独占,其中许多来自德国,那里的一些强劲的出版发行集团和网络公司向欧洲监管机构敦促,制止这家美国搜索引擎巨头在网络地图、旅行服务和购物等领域阻扰竞争的不道德。

“The E.U. competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, will decide what steps they want to go,” Günther Oettinger, a German politician who is charge of Europe’s digital economy, told Die Welt am Sonntag, a German newspaper, on Sunday. “I think that they will be far-reaching.”“欧盟竞争委员玛格丽特·韦斯塔格尔不会要求他们将采行那些措施,”分管欧洲数码经济的德国政治人物金特·厄廷格(Günther Oettinger)周日对德国报纸《周日世界报》(Die Welt am Sonntag)说道。“我指出涉及措施不会产生深远影响。”If Google fails to rebut any formal charges, Ms. Vestager could levy a fine that could exceed 6 billion euros, or $6.4 billion — about 10 percent of Google’s most recent annual revenue. But the largest single fine yet levied in such a case falls well short of that mark: The record is 1.1 billion in 2009 against Intel for abusing its dominance of the computer chip market.如果谷歌无法驳斥任何月指控,维斯塔格尔可以对其判处多达60亿欧元(约合396亿元人民币)的罚款——大约是谷歌最近一年的年收入的10%。不过此类案件目前为止作出过的最高额罚款相比之下高于这个数字:目前的纪录是2009年刷新的,当时英特尔(Intel)因欺诈电脑芯片市场绝对优势地位被罚11亿欧元。

The commission previously spent years reining in Microsoft, which accrued a total of almost 2 billion in European fines over a decade, including a penalty in 2013 for failing to adhere to an earlier settlement.此前,欧盟委员会曾花费数年时间对微软公司加以控制,令其这家公司在10年里积累向欧洲缴纳了将近20亿欧元的罚款,还包括在2013年因没能遵守较早前的一份妥协协议而罚。Google still could settle the matter. But whatever the search giant might negotiate with the commission, analysts say, the deal will have a greater impact on its business than previous attempts to settle. Ms. Vestager’s predecessor, Joaquín Almunia, gave Google three opportunities to make concessions that were aimed at allowing the company to escape both a fine and a formal finding of wrongdoing.谷歌仍然未来将会达成协议妥协。然而分析人士说道,不管搜寻巨头跟委员会如何协商,这一次的协议对其业务的影响,都将多达此前的几次妥协希望。

维斯塔格尔的前任华金·阿尔穆尼亚(Joaquín Almunia)曾给了谷歌三次让步的机会,目的让该公司脱逃一项罚款和一项月的不法行为判决。Those settlement efforts repeatedly ran afoul of Google’s rivals, including American companies like Microsoft and Yelp, which successfully complained that most of the changes proposed by Google have been insufficient to solve the antitrust concerns identified by regulators.这些妥协希望大大地引发谷歌的竞争对手的异议,其中还包括微软公司和Yelp等美国公司,它们诉称谷歌明确提出的改动足以解决问题监管机构确认的反垄断问题,并最后获得成功。“Everyone should have equal treatment,” said Thomas Vinje, a lawyer for FairSearch Europe, which represents Google rivals. “Google should apply its own algorithm fairly to everything, including its own services.”“每个人都应当获得公平对待,”谷歌竞争对手的代理律师、公平搜寻的组织(FairSearch)欧洲分支机构的托马斯·维尼亚(Thomas Vinje)说道。“谷歌的算法应当对所有东西一视同仁,还包括它自己的服务。